Digital Volume Correlation for Measuring Motion Fields of Complex Microstructures Based on Sequences of Computed Tomography-Scans


Investigating the behavior of micro-structures during mechanical loading, e.g. tensile, flexural, or compression testing using CT imaging is becoming more and more important regarding 3D imaging.

In order to analyze the 3D images resulting from CT quantitatively, image data from consecutive time steps have to be registered. That is, the motion field, mapping the micro-structure in one time step onto the one from the consecutive one, has to be estimated based on the discrete 3D image data. In engineering, Digital Volume Correlation (DVC) –the 3D version of digital image correlation – is usually used for this task.

In this PhD project, the potential and limitations of DVC for the development of material models have to be explored with particular attention to:

• high resolution

• structures with very spares spatial information, e.g. highly porous structures

• motion fields with sudden changes like appearing of cracks or collective failure and large data sets