Our Authors

Our new team of scientists aims to support the current developments of digitalization in public administration and SMEs. We would like to show and expand the potential that is released by this to use statistical analysis and especially machine learning (ML) methods with the work within our junior research group. In our blog we report regularly about our activities.

Here our team introduces itself:

Stefanie Schwaar

Stefanie Schwaar joined the department »Financial Mathematics« at Fraunhofer ITWM in 2018 in the focus »Data Science«, where she deals with AI methods. The business unit developer »Accounting Audit« completed her studies at the Brandenburg University of Technology in Cottbus and the Humboldt University in Berlin. She then earned her doctorate at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern and was a post-doctoral researcher in the 1932 Research Training Group »Stochastic Models for Innovations in the Engineering Science.«

Her Mission:
»Artificial Intelligence methods are not witchcraft and offer besides a lot of potential, also pitfalls. I would also like to give non-scientists an insight into what is conceivable and what the limits are.«

Renate Ernst

Renate Ernst has been a staff member at Fraunhofer ITWM in our department »Financial Mathematics« since 2018. Previously, she worked for several years as a financial mathematician and actuary in the insurance industry. In our junior research group EP-KI, she conducts research on the topic »Explainability of AI methods for decision support«. Questions from research on intelligent systems and the applications in projects of the Financial Mathematics department inspire her blog posts.

Her Mission:
»I want to give readers without a mathematical background access to AI methods and insight into what options are available to interpret the results more easily.«

Florian Trefz

Florian Trefz has been working in the department  »Financial Mathematics« in the junior research group EP-KI in the focus »Data Science« since 2021 and is mainly concerned with the application of AI algorithms. Previously, he was already part of the ITWM department  »Mathematics for Vehicle Engineering« He studied computer science at Kaiserslautern University of Applied Sciences in Zweibrücken.

His Mission:
»The advancing digitalization lays the foundation for the application of AI methods in many new focus areas due to the easy generability of big data. I want to provide readers with an approach to AI methods that enables them to recognize the existing potentials and challenges.«

Axel Preis

Axel Preis joined us in 2021 as a research associate in the »Financial Mathematics« department, focusing on »Data Science«. He completed his studies in statistics at the Technical University of Dortmund. In the junior research group EP-KI, he will work on the topics »Explainability of AI, Conspicuity Detection and Time Series Analysis«.

His Mission:
»I want to show readers the differences and overlaps between methods of classical statistics and AI, as well as educate them about which methods are suitable when and where.«

Enislay Ramentol

Enislay Ramentol has been working in »Financial Mathematics« with a focus on »Data Science« since 2019. She received her PhD from the University of Granada in Spain in 2014. In her PhD thesis, she focused on the application of AI methods for imbalanced data. Before coming to ITWM, she worked as an ERCIM postdoc at RISE (Research Institute of Sweden) doing research in machine learning. As an ERCIM postdoc, she started her research in the department. Since November 2020, she has been a research associate.

Her mission:
»... and once we have collected so much data, what do we do with it?« »I want to explain to readers the fascinating process of transforming data into information, information into knowledge, and knowledge into wisdom through artificial intelligence.«