Profile of Maris Bauer

Fields of Activity/Competences

  • Millimeter wave and terahertz measurement techniques
  • Detector physics
  • Non-destructive materials testing



Major Publications

  • Bauer, M.; Friederich, F.:
    Terahertz and Millimeter Wave Sensing and Applications
    Sensors 22, 9693 (2022).
  • Bauer, M.; Hussung, R.; Matheis, C.; Mashkin, A.; Krane, S.; Pohlmann, F.; Friederich, F.:
    Terahertz non-destructive testing of power generator bars with a dielectric waveguide antenna
    International Journal of Microwave and Wireless Technologies 1-10 (2022).
  • Bauer, M.; Hussung, R.; Matheis, C., Reichert, H.; Weichenberger, P.; Beck, J.; Matuschczyk, U.; Jonuscheit, J.; Friederich, F.:
    Fast FMCW Terahertz Imaging for In-Process Defect Detection in Press Sleeves for the Paper Industry and Image Evaluation with a Machine Learning Approach
    Sensors, 21(19), 6569 (2021).
  • Bauer, M.; Rämer, A.; Chevtchenko, S.A.; Osipov, K.; Cibiraite, D.; Pralgauskaite, S.; Ikamas, K.; Lisauskas, A.; Heinrich. W.; Krozer, V.; Roskos, H.G.: 
     A high-sensitivity AlGaN/GaN HEMT terahertz detector with integrated broadband bow-tie antenna.

    IEEE Trans. THz Sci. Technol. (IEEE Transactions on Terahertz Science and Technology) 9,  430-444 (2019).