A Short Interview with Division Director Klaus Dreßler

»Again and again, it seems things are achieved that many people previously thought to be impossible«

Klaus Dreßler has been the head of ITWM's Mathematics for Vehicle Engineering division (previously Mathematical Methods in Dynamics and Durability department) since 2003.

1. Why is the work at the ITWM unique from your point of view? What do you like best?
At ITWM, there is a high level of scientific expertise coupled with a pragmatic focus on solutions; a high demand for quality work and, at the same time, an extraordinarily human-friendly work culture. On such fruitful soil, interdisciplinary teamwork achieves things that were thought to be impossible.

2. What was your most remarkable experience at the institute?
The division's many success stories in recent years each have a "highlight" character. For example, the development of the real time capable cable simulation software with IPS, the geo-referenced simulation of usage and durability with VMC, or the simulation of flat tires with CDTire.

The most exciting for me, however, was the successful commissioning of our RODOS simulator – after a planning phase of several years, with its very long list of things that we did differently from others before (innovations), with a degree of technicality that was extremely high for a mathematics institute. In short: Many factors make success improbable ... and then, everything works perfectly.

3. With which three aspects would you describe the division?

  • Variability of use
  • Vehicle-Environment-Human Interaction
  • System and structural dynamics