Supply Chain Networks

Reliable supply chains are an important requirement for smooth production operations. Delivery shortfalls should not be the cause of production stoppages; rather, compensation should be possible through proactive measures. The range of conceivable measures is large: Optimization of the safety inventory, the purchasing strategy, or the supplier base; Flexibility in Production.

The challenge is in evaluating the measures in light of the conceivable disruption scenarios. We have a wealth of diverse experience in the simulated assessment of risks and countermeasures in supply chains.

Example Projects


Distribution Networks of Spare Parts

In this project focus is given to the development of a new system for maintenance and repair of aircraft turbines and truck engines.


Water Supply Management

The goal of raising the energy efficiency could be archieved by the proper use of pumps based on the information about drinking water consumption.


Transport Logistics

To improve efficiency of processes that span across company boundaries of freight carriers we have developed two assistance system prototypes.