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Fields of Activity / Competences

  • Optimization in Health Care
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Analytics and Statistical Methods
  • Innovative Clinical Trial Designs

Fraunhofer Publica

A collection of publications by Maximilian Pilz in the Fraunhofer-Publica

Publication Type
2023 Sample size calculation for one-armed clinical trials with clustered data and binary outcome
Pilz, Maximilian
Journal Article
2023 Statistical analysis of three data sources for Covid-19 monitoring in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
Pilz, Maximilian; Küfer, Karl-Heinz; Mohring, Jan; Münch, Johanna; Wlazlo, Jaroslaw; Leithäuser, Neele
2023 Estimating the Covid-19 Prevalence from Wastewater
Mohring, Jan; Leithäuser, Neele; Wlazlo, Jaroslaw; Schulte, Marvin; Pilz, Maximilian; Münch, Johanna; Küfer, Karl-Heinz
2023 Optimization of the two‐stage group sequential three‐arm gold‐standard design for non‐inferiority trials
Meis, Jan; Pilz, Maximilian; Herrmann, Carolin; Bokelmann, Björn; Rauch, Geraldine; Kieser, Meinhard
Journal Article
2023 Comparison of Different Antibiotic Regimes for Preventive Tooth Extractions in Patients with Antiresorptive Intake - A Retrospective Cohort Study
Ristow, Oliver; Rückschloß, Thomas; Schnug, Gregor; Moratin, Julius; Bleymehl, Moritz; Zittel, Sven; Pilz, Maximilian; Sekundo, Caroline; Mertens, Christian; Engel, Michael; Hoffmann, Jürgen; Smielowski, Maximilian
Journal Article
2023 Osteoradionecrosis of the Jaw - Comparison between Bone and Soft Tissue Injury and their Influence on Surgical Outcomes - A Retrospective Cohort Study
Ristow, Oliver; Birgel, Jan Lukas; Rückschloß, Thomas; Held, Thomas; Lang, Kristin; Smielowski, Maximilian; Zittel, Sven; Moratin, Julius; Pilz, Maximilian; Engel, Michael; Hoffmann, Jürgen; Semmelmayer, Karl
Journal Article
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