Information Material


Flow and Material Simulation

Modeling and simulation of the production, functionalization and the usage of porous materials and composite materials.


Lab Services

Competences and services of our lab for structural and fluidmechanical characterization of materials.


Examples of Filter Simulations

More detailed information on our expertise on filter simulation.



FLUID is a simulation software for complex fluids.


Electrochemistry and Batteries

We offer with BEST a software for the simulation of batteries.



FeelMath is an analysis tool for elastic micro-structures.



PoreChem is a software package, that simulates the reactive transport of solutes in resolved porous media.


Acoustic Simulation

To optimize the acoustics of the room, AcoustoDict can be used to model material properties and to simulate acoustics.



GRAIN is a simulation environment for granular and bulk flow simulation.



Our FOAM solver simulates the expansion process of PU foams in any given geometry and offers the possibility to calculate the foam formation process as well as the resulting foam density in advance.