Profile of Hans Trinkaus

Mathematical Competences

  • Funktional analysis
  • Regularization
  • Multi-dimensional optimization


Fields of Activity

  • Interactive knowledge management
  • Intuitive exploration of dynamical processes
  • Multicriteria graphical decision making



Major Publications

  • Trinkaus, H. L.:
    knowCube® for Exploring Decision Spaces – Sandwiches, Foams and Drugs.
    Proceedings of I-KNOW '10, pp.267-278, J.UCS, Graz, 2010.
  • Trinkaus, H. L.; Gaisser, A. E.:
    SACA: Software Assisted Call Analysis – an Interactive Tool Supporting Content Exploration, Online Guidance and Quality Improvement of Counseling Dialogues.
    Patient education and counseling 80/3, pp.410-416, Elsevier, 2010.
  • Trinkaus, H. L.; Küfer, K.-H.:
    Planning aid for radiotherapy treatment plan for treating cancer has display device on which radiation dosage characteristic values for different tissue volumes are displayed along respective axes.
    Patent application, DE 10318204, 2001.