Workshop  /  September 21, 2022  -  September 23, 2022, daily from 10.00 till 1.30 AM (Break: 11.30 till 12.00 AM)

Theme Workshop »Mathematics in Artificial and Biological Intelligence«

Felix-Klein-Theme Workshop

The workshop will provide an overview of important mathematical challenges, concepts and methods in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). This will be motivated and considered from the biomedical perspective that arises when observing real neurobiological systems. In each case, the resulting mathematical problems come from the optimization environment, and their mathematical solution approaches are compared in terms of numerical feasibility and complexity.

Prof. Dr. Illia Horenko has been a new professor at the Department of Mathematics at TU Kaiserslautern since July 2022. He represents the field of artificial intelligence there and will report on his research as a speaker at our thematic workshop.