Seminar  /  May 09, 2023  -  May 11, 2023

Load Data – Analysis and Simulation

[The seminar is only available in German.]

About once a year, our department »Mathematics for Vehicle Engineering« offers a three-day seminar on the topic of »Load Data – Analysis, Design and Simulation«. The event is aimed at, among others, the target group of calculators and test engineers. 

The seminar is only available in German!

In the development of mechanically stressed systems, the dynamic loads occurring in the field play a central role. For a design with respect to functional properties such as strength and vibration behavior, a good understanding of the operating loads is crucial.

This starts with the measurement of operational loads under representative conditions. A statistical description of the loads is used to account for the dispersion of stress during operation. Using analysis methods in the time, frequency and amplitude ranges (e.g. Rainflow method), reproducible design loads are defined that have a quantified relationship to the stress in the customer's operation. These design loads - usually multidimensional load-time histories - are the input variables for both test bench experiments and CAE simulations.

The task of FE and MBS analysis is to correctly map the force flows from system loads to bearings and components to local stresses in the components. Today's simulation methodology and computer power allow this even for multi-dimensional transient load-time histories. This allows functional properties such as vibration comfort and fatigue strength to be analyzed and optimized before a prototype is available for measurement. Similarly, CAE simulations help to optimally configure component tests, shorten test times and simplify tests.