Dresden, Conference  /  May 30, 2023  -  May 31, 2023, Postponed to October 23 - October 24, 2023!

Fraunhofer Battery Days

Industry-Specific Networking Event on the Topic of »Fast-Charging Capability for Electromobility«

We are participating in the Fraunhofer Battery Days - industry-specific networking event - on the topic of »fast-charging capability for electromobility«. The event is organized by the Fraunhofer Battery Alliance and aims to network researchers, experts from various companies in the battery sector focusing on the »fast-charging capability of batteries« and to offer them the opportunity to exchange ideas. 

Our colleagues Dr. Jochen Zausch and Dr. Falco Schneider from the department »Flow and Material Simulation« are organizing one of the interactive workshop »Market Stalls« on various topics such as Cell Design and Safety.

Our own established silumation tool is called »Battery and Electrochemistry Simulation Tool (BEST)« and deals with physics-based, three-dimensional simulation of lithium-ion batteries.