Paris, France, Conference  /  June 26, 2023  -  June 30, 2023


14th International Symposium on Continuum Models and Discrete Systems

The aim of this 14th international conference is to bring together researchers with different expertise dealing with continuum theories and discrete mechanical and thermodynamic systems in the fields of mathematics, theoretical and applied mechanics, physics, materials science and engineering.

Through the friendly atmosphere and the different backgrounds of the scientists, active interdisciplinary research shall be stimulated and new ideas, methods and results shall emerge.

Among many different talks, our colleague Dr. Katja Schladitz from the department »Image Processing« will hold a lecture titled »Simulation of Microstructures and Machine Learning«. Our colleague Dr Alexander Leichner from the department »Flow and Material Simulation« will also give a lecture entitled »Optimal Design of Programmable Mechanical Metamaterials«.