Bad Nauheim / Conference  /  May 14, 2024  -  May 15, 2024

Battery Systems 2024

The »Battery Systems 2024« conference serves as a platform for discussing the development of electric vehicles. The focus is on questions such as: What are the best original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and supplier solutions for the development and production of battery systems for electric vehicles (EV) today? How can these battery systems best be integrated into current body structures? And who has the most innovative repair and recycling concepts?

Our expert Dr. Joachim Jonuscheit, Deputy Head of the »Materials Characterization and Testing« department, presents a project on our new demonstrator for the online inspection of thin films applied to battery electrodes. This is an inline-capable terahertz film thickness measurement system that can be flexibly adapted to the respective task in terms of the number and position of the measuring heads and the measuring frequency. Optimization to frequencies between 50 GHz and 1 THz, frequency stabilization through improved driver electronics and adapted signal processing should enable precise thickness measurements on thin, highly absorbent and electrically conductive coatings.