Online / Webinar  /  June 18, 2024

BANKING BYTES – Opportunities for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Quantum Computing

Our expert Tom Ewen from the department »Financial Mathematics« will give a presentation entitled »Option valuation with quantum computing« in the webinar on the topic of »Opportunities of AI and quantum computing«.

The webinar is the first event of the lecture series »Banking Bytes«, which is organized by the Quantum Computing companies »Anaqor« and »AXOVISION«.

This and upcoming events in the »Banking Bytes« series offer an outstanding line-up of speakers, an overview of the applications, opportunities and risks of quantum computing and the latest technological developments.

Real use cases from the field of financial mathematics are considered, an overview of the latest developments and research in the field of AI is given and it is shown that large language models such as ChatGPT are only the beginning.