Fraunhofer promotes Solar-powered Smart Homes

Press Release / June 13, 2013

Electricity rates rise every year, continuously. At the same time, photovoltaic feed-in tariffs are on the decrease inexorably. Using solar energy right where and when it is generated becomes even more interesting.

We present solutions for boosting on-site consumption of PV power which benefits both the customer and the grid. Key areas of work are battery systems, energy yield forecasts, smart grid technologies including house bus systems. We offer our solutions under the following four brands:

- myPowerGrid: for energy storage
- PVCAST: energy yield forecasts
- mySmartGrid: demand side management
- HexaBus: flexible building blocks house bus system

myPowerGrid delivers a centralized, easy-to-use management infrastructure for an aggregated distributed energy storage transparently serving the interests of electric utilities, TSOs, and private households.

More about myPowerGrid myPowerGrid-Webseite

PVCAST is a precise and uncomplicated energy yield forcast for photovoltaic power plants up to six days in advance. A self-learning algorithm creates the forecast based on weather forecasts and the actual power generation of the previous weeks. A time-consuming and detailed specifi-cation of each plant is not required. 

More about PVCASTPVCAST-Webseite 

mySmartGrid is the intelligent device control system for private homes. Private households under-stand their power consumption, predict their PV power production and exchange experiences with a community. With the upcoming HexaBus, mySmartGrid enables them to control their devices.  

Moe about mySmartGridWebsite mySmartGrid 

HexaBus is an open-source house bus system based on the internet standard IPv6. It allows the implementation of arbitrary control scenarios and works with any device in the house, i.e. using a switchable plug. It is available license-free, and allows a decentralized control of devices - no central control is necessary. Devices are not affected by failures of other devices. The flexible building blocks of HexaBus are designed to fit into heat pumps and inverters. Along with the energy management systems mySmartGrid and myPowerGrid, you have a powerful energy management solution kit at your disposal. Additionally, we offer technology development that meets your individual needs - e.g. HexaBus can be fitted to your special requirements.

Single-family house with solar roof
Single-family house with solar roof