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Press Release / 12.2.2016

As our world turns more complex every day, the requirements concerning the next generation of supercomputers demand IT-solutions that are capable of high volume calculations. So-called Exascale computers have the capability to transform our understanding of the world through advanced simulation and problem solving. They can help to move, process and manage unprecedented volumes of data concerning many areas of our lives including climate change, drug design, energy safety, national security, material science, medicine.

The European Consortium , funded bv the Horizon 2020 initiative of the EU and entitled  ExaNeSt, plays a substantial role in the development process of the new super-computer. It consists of twelve partners, each of which has a certain knowledge in a technology needed for innovation to reach Exascale. The Consortium already planned to build its first hardware and software straw man prototype in 2016. Therefore, the Fraunhofer ITWM’s core expertise in feeding huge amounts of data efficiently in an architecture of Exascale proportions, is highly demanded. The research institute contributes to the focus area of developing a highly scalable I/O approach based on Fraunhofer’s parallel file system BeeGFS as a core component.

An efficient collaboration of all partners is essential to guarantee the production of a real, working system that is capable to enable the prototype to perform real-life evaluations and facilitate its scalability and maturity into this decade and beyond. Only then, computing can advance to its next stage!

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Fraunhofer ITWM is part of the ExaNeSt project
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Fraunhofer ITWM is part of the ExaNeSt project