Estimation of Motion Vector Fields of Complex Microstructures by Time Series of Computer Tomographic Volume Images


Non-destructive testing with Computed Tomography is not only common in static analysis of porous materials and fiber-reinforced plastics, but also has increasing application in monitoring the changes of composites under mechanical stress. Experimental setups to apply strain, stress and bend are integrated into CT scanning devices and while performing testing, 3D images are recorded in parallel. Analysis of these images requires careful alignment of the time series to ensure proper estimation of the motion vector field between the time series images. To fulfill this task, medical imaging proposes registration, while in engineering Digital Volume Correlation (DVC) is preferred. The task is now the
- Consistent formulation of both methods: To find a generic formulation to unite both methods.
- Methods suitable for thin material: To develop algorithms that are especially applicable to structures with sparse spatial information and large discontinuities resulting from testing.