Profile of Tin Barisin

Fields of Activity / Competences

  • 3d crack segmentation
  • Orientation analysis 
  • Directional filtering
  • 3d image processing



Major Publications

  • T. Barisin, C. Jung, F. Müsebeck, C. Redenbach, K. Schladitz:
    Methods for segmenting cracks in 3d images of concrete: A comparison based on semi-synthetic images. Pattern Recognition, accepted for publication (2022).
  • T. Barisin, K. Schladitz, C. Redenbach, M. Godehardt:
    Adaptive morphological framework for 3d directional filtering. Image Analysis & Stereology, 2022, 41(1).
  • C. Jung, F. Müsebeck, T. Barisin, K. Schladitz, C. Redenbach, M. Kiesche, M. Pahn:
    Towards automatic crack segmentation in 3d concrete images. 11th Conference on Industrial Computed Tomography, Wels, Austria (iCT 2022).

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