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Major Publications

  • G.F. Castelli, W. Dörfler. Comparison of an h- and hp-Adaptive Finite Element Solver for Chemo-Mechanically Coupled Battery Electrode Particles. Examples and Counterexamples. 2:100083, 2022.
  • G.F. Castelli, L. von Kolzenberg, B. Horstmann, A. Latz, W. Dörfler. Efficient Simulation of Chemical-Mechanical Coupling in Battery Active Particles. nergy Technology, 9(6):2000835, 2021.
  • G.F. Castelli, W. Dörfler. The Numerical Study of a Microscale Model for Lithium-Ion Batteries. Computers & Mathematics with Applications, 77(6):1527-1540, 2019.

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