Leipzig, Conference  /  October 18, 2022  -  October 19, 2022

Insurance Forum »Data Driven Insurance«

The conference is aimed at specialists and managers from the departments of insurance companies. It offers its participants insights into the data-driven transformation of the insurance industry and identifies areas for action. The focus is on data, which is examined from a strategic as well as an organizational and technological perspective.

Main Topics

  • Establishment of Strategies (Data First), Organizational Units (Data Labs), Change in Leadership and Culture
  • Concrete Use Cases, Feasibility and Case Studies
  • Platforms, Ecosystems, Frameworks
  • Data Organization, Master Data Management, Data Dictionary
  • Data Driven Mindsets
  • Dealing With Difficult Data:  Real-time, Fuzzy, Unstructured
  • Core and Emerging Technologies

Dominik Loroch from the division »High Performance Computing«, together with two representatives of the GENERALI insurance company, will give a presentation entitled »Use (this Solvency II) Case! NASaaS trifft auf Least Squares Monte Carlo«.