Seminar  /  June 20, 2023  -  June 21, 2023

Statistical Methods for the Verification of Component Reliability

[The seminar is only available in German.]

Special methods of statistics are required to provide statistically correct proof of the reliability of components. In a two-day compact seminar we provide you with the necessary knowledge to be able to answer core questions confidently:

  • Do you determine the probability of failure against the variable loads of the entire customer field or do you design against a defined design customer?
  • Should the test scenario derived from this include an additional increase over the design basis?
  • Should one rather perform many short or few long tests for reliability verification?
  • How does one correctly handle censored data?

As a prerequisite for the seminar, basic knowledge in statistics is helpful, but not mandatory. The mathematical presentation will be shortened to a reasonable level and all topics will be illustrated by practical examples.