Desden, Conference  /  June 11, 2024  -  June 13, 2024

DVM VAL5 June 2024

Fifth International Conference on Material And Component Performance Under Variable Amplitude Loading

The fifth conference since 2002, organized by the DVM (German Association for Materials Research and Testing e.V.), deals with the increasingly important issue of lightweight construction, material and energy efficiency and thus improved sustainability, which requires precise knowledge of the operating loads and the corresponding fatigue behaviour.

The VAL5 conference enables the international exchange of ideas and information on current developments, new scientific approaches and industrial applications in the field of fatigue of variable amplitude materials, components and structures.

It provides an opportunity for researchers and industry representatives to share and discuss the latest achievements and results of studies, new approaches and state-of-the-art procedures in various industries.

Our experts Dr. Klaus Dreßler and Dr. Fabio Schneider-Jung from the division »Mathematics for Vehicle Engineering« will be on site. Fabio Schneider-Jung will also be giving a presentation entitled »Simulation-Based Lifetime Prediction for Cables«.