A Short Interview with Head of Department Georg von Freymann

Georg von Freymann is head of the department »Materials Characterization and Testing« since 2013. The department belongs to the Fraunhofer ITWM since January 2017.


What Does Your Area Deal With and What Constitutes Its Research Work?

Our work focuses on non-destructive testing for quality control in the industrial manufacturing process. Our applications range from pipe wall thickness measurement to the characterization of multilayer paint systems and insulation around wires. For this purpose, we use electromagnetic waves in the entire spectral range from visible light to the terahertz wave range and use both quantum-inspired measurement technology and the possibilities of machine learning to achieve the best possible results.


What Potential Does Your Unit’s Research Have for a Better Future?

Non-destructive quality control reduces the number of defective parts and thus saves companies time, money and resources on the one hand, and on the other hand provides their customers with the certainty of receiving products of the highest quality. Our systems are easy to operate and can be integrated into existing processes. This secures the basis for investment and jobs. Through our research, we generate innovations that guarantee the technological edge needed to survive in global competition.

Where Do You See Your Department in Five Years?

The department continues to build on its leadership position for the use of terahertz technology in non-destructive testing and will have extended it with quantum-inspired metrology. Inspection techniques will cover the entire spectral range and be supported by machine learning in evaluation to reliably identify the widest possible variety of defects. This will enable us to open up new application scenarios that are currently out of reach.

Which Three Keywords Describe Your Department Best?

  • customer-oriented
  • innovative
  • precise