A Short Interview with Head of Department Georg von Freymann

»The open and pragmatic approach at ITWM completely convinces.«

Georg von Freymann is head of the department »Materials Characterization and Testing« since 2013. The department belongs to the ITWM since January 2017.


1. Why is the work at the ITWM unique from your point of view? What do you like best?

ITWM is a Mathematics Institute. My department develops tailor-made measurement techniques. Hence, in January 2017 it was not quite evident that the transition of our department to ITWM will proceed smoothly.

The open and pragmatic approach at ITWM completely convinces: Our measurement data respond to the same laws of nature which are modulated by mathematicians at ITWM. Now we are able to study experimentally these models as well as to optimize our own numerical calculations. Hence, at ITWM new prospects open up for the collaboration in projects. The short distances to bridge to achieve in-house synergies helping us to find the best solution for our customers, this is what I like best.


2. What was your most remarkable experience at the institute?

Last year I have been particularly impressed by the fact that the initial uncertainty and the starting integration into a new institute did not affect our project work at all. New ideas have been generated and pursued sustainably: We established, e. g., our Terahertz-layer thickness measurement technique for industrial use and verified in a proof-of-concept study the feasibility of a new laser concept.

3. With which three aspects would you describe the department?

  • Systemic expertise
  • Team spirit
  • Customer orientation