Episode 8: Statistics Prove – Parapsychology Is (Not) Humbug. About Parapsychological Studies and Their Curious Discoveries

Podcast Streuspanne – Statistics and Its Curiosities /

What actually makes us scientists? We mean »real sciences« and not pseudo-sciences like parapsychology, presumably our scientific methods, which also include empirical studies! Unfortunately, we pat ourselves on the back with this demarcation too early. Because especially the parapsychology manages again and again to hold significant studies under the nose of us »real scientists« – there is everything, from telepathy up to smart-talking rats. In this way, claims which do not fit into our (scientific) world view are supported with data. How can this be? Are these studies perhaps simply faked? Unfortunately, no. Worse, the detailed answer to this, might make us doubt whether empirical science really creates knowledge.