JUROJIN Testimonials

Stadis Pasmakis, Analysis Engine Dynamics - Commercial Vehicles, Daimler AG, Untertürkheim, Germany

»After applying Jurojin for many years now, it became an inherent part of our verification process. On the one hand, we appreciate the tailer-made usability. On the other hand, Jurojin leaves enough flexibility for a simple assessment of parameter sensitivities.«

Dr. Matthias Funk, Kompetenzzentrum Betriebsfestigkeit, Schaeffler AG, Herzogenaurach, Germany

»For economic reasons, the technical release of components can only be done using a small number of test specimen in test routines with elevated loads. This may be a challenging task using self-made statistical evaluations. Jurojin tears this down to standard evaluations and thereby saves a lot of time. Another practical feature is the design of fatigue experiments, which provides estimates for required sample size, test loads and ultimate number of cycles already before starting the tests.«