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PhD Students

We are permanently looking for PhD students in applied mathematics or process engineering The offered doctoral theses are located in the fields of mathematical methods in process engineering and logistics.

Focusing is possible within the following topics depending on the interests of the doctoral candidate:

  • Multicriteria optimization in molecular dynamics
  • Planning of emergency locations under dynamic conditions
  • Optimal allocation of marketing budgets
  • Robust optimization in tactical supply chain management
  • Planning for the harvesting
  • Multicritical mixed-integer optimization for the use of renewable energies





Annual Report 2016/17

Take a look at our latest annual report. Find current highlights and projects of our department.



People in Research

Portrait of Katrin Teichert in the Annual Report 2016 of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft.

Workshop/Conference TU Kaiserslautern, Germany / 10/19/2017-10/20/2017

Recent Advances in Multi-Objective Optimization

The workshop “Recent Advances in Multi-Objective Optimization” focuses on latest advances in exact methods in multi-objective (mixed) integer optimization. Prof. Dr. Karl-Heinz Küfer, Head of Department, speaks about "Industrial Applications of Multicriteria Decision Support" and he is a part of the Organizing Committee.


In addition, the conference dinner will be held at our institute and we will present research results as well as projects from the field of "optimization" in various exhibits.