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PhD Students

We are permanently looking for PhD students in applied mathematics or process engineering. The offered doctoral theses are located in the fields of mathematical methods in process engineering and logistics.

Focusing is possible within the following topics depending on the interests of the doctoral candidate:

  • Multicriteria optimization in molecular dynamics
  • Planning of emergency locations under dynamic conditions
  • Optimal allocation of marketing budgets
  • Robust optimization in tactical supply chain management
  • Planning for the harvesting
  • Multicritical mixed-integer optimization for the use of renewable energies





Press Release DFKI / 4.2.2021

AI for Crisis Teams

How do measures affect pandemic response at the municipal level? – In the AScore project, an expert system is being developed that presents crisis teams and decision-makers with needed simulations and information on pandemic progression for the municipal level. The BMBF-funded project is carried out by researchers of the DFKI together with the ITWM.


Press Release / 9.12.2020

Fraunhofer ITWM Optimizes Location Planning for Vaccination Centers

A vaccine against Covid-19 is expected soon. How many vaccine doses are available? Who should be vaccinated first? Where should people be vaccinated? How many doctors are needed for vaccination? Our researchers have examined the last questions together with the RKI and TUK.


Interview / 18.9.2020

»Our Themed Conferences Always Offer the Full Spectrum«

In this interview, Karl-Heinz Küfer, the scientific director, tells us more about the Felix Klein theme workshop »Continuous Optimization«, the background, goals and aspirations of the event:

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Short News / 15.9.2020

Erik Diessel Awarded GOR Prize for Master's Thesis

At this year's general meeting of the Society for Operations Research (GOR), Erik Diessel received the GOR award for his master's thesis in optimization. The award ceremony took place digitally. In addition, the GOR Young Resrearchers Award was presented for outstanding young researchers.

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Press Release / 11.9.2020

Fraunhofer ITWM and DFKI Support Kaiserslautern in Pandemic Management

The city of Kaiserslautern relies on mathematical forecasting models and AI to make decisions. A press briefing at the Fraunhofer Center kicked off the joint project.

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Research News / 1.7.2020

Cost-Effective Ways to Minimize Risks in the Supply Chain

The coronavirus pandemic has hit the economy hard. What lessons can be learned from this experience? And what’s the best way for companies to protect themselves against this kind of crisis in the future? Our new mathematical methods aim to calculate how the risks posed by supply shortages can be reduced significantly at very little extra cost.


Press Release / 10.6.2020

ITWM Tests Quantum Computer

IBM is bringing the first universal quantum computer to Europe: Under the name IBM Q System One, it will be launched at the beginning of 2021, managed by Fraunhofer. The ITWM is also involved in the initiative. The institute is already one of the test users of the IBM US quantum computers. At the Healthcare Hackathon, the ITWM will also contribute a quantum challenge.

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Interview / 9.6.2020

Maintain or Ease Corona Actions?

In an interview, our researchers use first screencasts to present the new tool EpideMSE for decision support in questions concerning the spread of the corona epidemic and the effectiveness of measures.


Press Release / 18.5.2020

Innovation Platform Keen Launched

Kick-off for the project launch of the KEEN platform: Our researchers support with expertise on AI methods and their industrial application.


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Presse Release / 12.5.2020

Decision Support in the Corona Crisis

In order to support local decision makers (health authorities, hospitals and especially municipalities) in planning their actions, researchers of the Fraunhofer ITWM are working on the epidemiological modeling, simulation and decision support of Covid-19  within the framework of the Fraunhofer Society's Anti-Corona Program (project name EpiDeMSE).


Annual Report 2019/20

Take a look at our latest annual report.

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New Projects in the Division

Komplexe Netzwerke in der Trinkwasserversorgung
© Fraunhofer ITWM
Komplexe Netzwerke in der Trinkwasserversorgung

COpt2 – Saving Energy in the Drinking Water Industry

The BMBF sponsored project, H₂Opt, provides prototype software that supports energy efficient design and operation of drinking water plants. It results in energy and cost savings during planning and operations involving the drinking water supply. The software is in daily use at the energy company EWR, located in Worms, Germany. Launched in 2019, a follow-up project is to expand the prototype for the more complex water supply networks in Landau and Jockgrim. We simplify and improve workflows and develop new concepts to prevent water supply shortages. The project is funded by the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRE). Initially, the priority is the investigation of pumping operations because that is where an estimated 30 percent on average can be saved in energy costs.

© Varian Medical Systems

Decision Support for Brachytherapy

In collaboration with Varian Medical Systems, our multi-criteria decision support system has been embedded in the world's leading radiotherapy planning software for cancer patients. Our goal for next year is to make interactive planning available not only for external radiation therapies (IMRT, VMAT) but also for brachytherapy. This therapy directs the radiation source either on the immediate vicinity of the tumor or into the tumor itself, raising new questions that have to be solved, for example, regarding the optimal positioning of the catheter for directing the radiation.



Fair / 12. – 16. 4.2021

HANNOVER MESSE – Digital Edition 2021

HANNOVER MESSE Digital Edition is the knowledge and networking platform for the manufacturing industry, the energy sector and logistics. We are part of the Fraunhofer Live Streaming Day with Expert Sessions and Talks on »Quantum Computing« and »Quantum Technology«.