Dresden / Event  /  September 29, 2022

Completion of the Fraunhofer Lead Project »Cognitive Agriculture (COGNAC)«

COGANC Live Experience Results

The Fraunhofer lead project »Cognitive Agriculture (COGNAC)« has been worked on by eight Fraunhofer institutes over the past four years. These have assessed the state of the art and developed supporting building blocks in the areas of sensor technology, automation, digital data space and cognitive solutions.

Our colleague Dr Neele Leithäuser from the division »Optimization« and our colleagues Dr Michael Burger and Dr Jochen Friedler from the division »Mathematics for Vehicle Engineering« will present the results obtained within the framework of COGNAC in a lecture and, if necessary, a software demo. In particular, the results obtained in the areas of

  • Robust crop campaign planning
  • Analysis of agronomic data
  • Plant growth modelling and predictive field processing for decision support

will be presented.