Information Material


RODOS - Robot based Driving and Operation Simulator

We have designed an interactive motion simulator based on an industrial robot to facilitate complex simulations.


REDAR - Road & Environmental Data Acquisition Rover

Our 3D laser scanner vehicle REDAR is available for highly accurate geo-referenced surveying of roads and environments.


CDTire - Scalable Tire Models

Scalable tire models for full vehicle simulations.


IPS Cable Simulation

Interactive simulation of flexible structures (cables, hoses, ...) in real-time.


Virtual Measurement Campaign

Tools for geo-referenced analysis.



Statistics for fatigue testing and reliability analysis.


Realiability of Technical Systems

Development of statistical methods for reliability and durability of technical systems and their components.



Load Data Analysis

More information to our handbook »Guide to Load Analysis for Durability in Vehicle Engineering«.


Partner to the Vehicle Industry

Fraunhofer ITWM is developing advanced mathematical models and simulation technologies for virtual product development.


Vehicle - Environment - Human Interaction

Simulation based engineering is a key part of all vehicle engineering processes.



We developed a highly automated measurement system (MeSOMICS®). MeSOMICS® stands for Measurement System for the Optically Monitored Identification of Cable Stiffnesses.