QUILT – Quantum Methods for Advanced Imaging Solutions

Fraunhofer Lighthouse Project

The discovery of quantum mechanics fundamentally changed the scientific world view in the 20th century. The theoretical understanding and experimental investigations of quantum mechanical systems are so advanced now that it can be assumed that disruptive quantum technology-based innovations will emerge in the 21st century. In recent years, quantum researchers have achieved a number of scientific breakthroughs. They are now able to specifically create exotic quantum states, manipulate them and demonstrate their application potential in pioneering experiments. Decision-makers from science, politics and business speak of a "second quantum revolution" in which quantum technology will become the key technology of the modern information society.


In March 2018, the new Fraunhofer Lighthouse Project QUILT (Quantum Methods for Advanced Imaging Solutions) was launched in Berlin. The letters represent a consortium of six Fraunhofer institutes and partners from science and industry who work closely together in the field of quantum research and thus combine their scientific expertise and extensive knowledge of the market.

Gruppenbild zum QUILT-Kick-Off in Berlin.
© Fraunhofer IOF/Walter Oppel

Gruppenbild zum QUILT-Kick-Off in Berlin.

Establishing Quantum Technologies in the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft

Especially in the field of Quantum Imaging, the QUILT network is already optimally positioned through technology platforms, lead experiments and globally active research groups. This position is to be further strengthended in the future by the Lighthouse Project QUILT.

In concrete terms, this is to be achieved in the project by achieving the following goals:

  • make scientific contributions to three research domains of quantum imaging and strenghten the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft's design claim in this future field with five excellent experiments
  • network and adapt our partners' technology platforms so that we achieve leadership in Quantum Imaging, Quantum Computing, Quantum Sensing and Quantum Communication technologies and transform them directly into key solutions
  • establish quantum technologies as an interdisciplinary field of excellence within the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and anchor them in an open and lively research college
  • secure a strong presencte to the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, open up new fields of application and develop innovative solutions with quantum technologies for the global industries.

Our Role in the Project QUILT

We are involved in the project in the field of quantum imaging and play a key role in the modelling, simulation and optimization of quantum-based non-contact methods. The aim is to make imaging processes for material surfaces more reliable, faster and more cost-efficient. The main points are:

  • core technology Quantum Models: development of a digital twin for quantitative prediction of quantum optical experiments
  • experiment Terahertz structure analysis system: use of entangled photon pairs (VIS-THz) to improve detection efficiency