Hand book »Guide to Load Analysis for Durability in Vehicle Engineering«

Guide to Load Analysis for Durability in Vehicle Engineering

(Automotive Series)

P. Johannesson - SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, Schweden
M. Speckert - Fraunhofer Institut Techno- und Wirtschaftsmathematik (ITWM), Deutschland

Hardback edition: 456 pages

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
: 1. Auflage (1. November 2013)
Language: Englisch

ISBN-10: 1118648315ISBN-13: 978-1118648315
Size: 24,2 x 17,4 x 2,8 cm 

The book was developed in close cooperation with six European truck manufacturers (DAF, Daimler, Iveco, MAN, Scania and Volvo) to meet the needs of industry. "Guide to Load Analysis for Durability in Vehicle Engineering" provides an understanding of the current methods in load analysis and inspires the incorporation of new techniques in the design and test processes.


The book supplies a variety of methods for load analysis and also explains their proper use in view of the vehicle design process.

In Part I: Overview there are two chapters presenting the scope of the book as well as providing an introduction to the subject.

Part II: Methods for Load Analysis describes useful methods and indicates how and when they should be used.

In Part III: Load Analysis in view of the Vehicle Design Process, strategies for the evaluation of customer loads are offered, in particular characterization of customer populations, which leads to the derivation of design loads and finally to the verification of systems and components.

Key features of the book:

  • Comprehensive collection of methods for load analysis, vehicle dynamics and statistics
  • Combination of standard load data analysis methods with statistical aspects on deriving test loads from surveys of customer usage
  • Sets the methods used in the framework of system dynamics and response, and derives recommendations for the application of methods in engineering practice
  • Presents a reliability design methodology based on statistical evaluation of component strength and customers loads
  • Includes case studies and illustrative examples that translate the theory into engineering practice