A Short Interview with Head of Department Andreas Wirsen

»Combination of different methods«

Andreas Wirsen works at the ITWM since 1998 and became head of the department »System Analysis, Prognosis and Control« in 2016.

1. Why is the work at the ITWM unique from your point of view? What do you like best?

The application of mathematics in practical examples. Application problems are often not solved with a single method, usually a combination of different methods is required for their solution. Many challenges for applied mathematics become apparent during the implementation of mathematical methods for technical problems.

2. What was your most remarkable experience at the institute?

One highlight was the launch of my software for online-monitoring of torsional oscillations within a power plant for the first time. The practical usage of a chain of mathematical methods - from modeling to model order reduction to real-time capable state estimators - is fascinating; especially a software tool operating nonstop 24/7, monitoring oscillations of a turbine generator shaft even where measurements are impossible.


3. With which three aspects would you describe the department?

  • Complex systems
  • Real-time control
  • Machine Learning