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  • Balzer, M.; Burger, M.; Däuwel, T.; Ekevid, T.; Steidel, S.; Weber, D.:
    Coupling DEM Particles to MBS Wheel Loader via Co-Simulation.
    Proceedings of the 4th Commercial Vehicle Technology Symposium (CVT 2016), 479-488, (2016).
  • Burger, M.; Schneider, F.; Steidel, S.:
    Coupled simulation in vehicle engineering.
    PAMMProc. Appl. Math. Mech., Vol. 16 (1), 493–494, (2016).
  • Schneider, F.; Burger, M.; Linn, J.:
    Efficient and robust co-simulation of geometrically exact Cosserat rod model and multibody system.
    Book of Abstracts, pp. 444, (2016).


Sammlung der Publikationen von Michael Burger in der Fraunhofer-Publica

YearTitle/AuthorDocument Type
2018Elastic image registration with strong mass preserving constraints
Wlazlo, Jaroslaw; Pinnau, R.; Burger, M.
2018Model-based identification of road profiles and road roughness indicators using vehicle measurements
Burger, M.; Speckert, M.; Müller, R.; Weiberle, D.
Conference Paper
2018Multiphysics simulation of construction equipment - coupling material, machine and power source
Burger, M.; Carlqvist, C.; Ekevid, T.; Steidel, S.; Weber, Dietmar
Conference Paper
2017Co-simulation in the vehicle development process
Steidel, S.; Burger, M.
Conference Paper
2017Coupling a DEM material model to multibody construction equipment
Burger, M.; Dreßler, K.; Ekevid, T.; Steidel, S.; Weber, D.
Conference Paper
2017A new approach for force-displacement co-simulation using kinematic coupling constraints
Schneider, Fabio; Burger, M.; Arnold, M.; Simeon, B.
Journal Article
2017A survey on numerical methods for the simulation of initial value problems with sDAEs
Burger, M.; Gerdts, M.
Book Article
2016Coupled simulation in vehicle engineering
Burger, M.; Schneider, Fabio; Steidel, S.
Journal Article
2016Coupling DEM particles to MBS wheel loader via co-simulation
Balzer, M.; Burger, M.; Däuwel, T.; Ekevid, T.; Steidel, S.; Weber, D.
Conference Paper
2016Dynamic programming approach for discrete-valued time discrete optimal control problems with Dwell time constraints
Burger, Michael; Gerdts, Matthias; Göttlich, Simone; Herty, Michael
Conference Paper
2015A general approach for efficient embedding of flexible structures in multibody dynamics
Schneider, Fabio; Burger, Michael; Simeon, Bernd
Conference Paper
2014An advanced flexible realtime tire model and its integration into fraunhofer's driving simulator
Gallrein, A.; Baecker, M.; Burger, M.; Gizatullin, A.
2014Calculating road input data for vehicle simulation
Burger, M.
Journal Article
2014On Rosenbrock methods for the time integration of nearly incompressible materials and their usage for nonlinear model reduction
Becker, U.; Simeon, B.; Burger, M.
Journal Article
2013Integration eines detaillierten, flexiblen Reifenmodells in den Fraunhofer Fahrsimulator
Burger, M.; Bäcker, M.; Gallrein, A.; Kleer, M.
Conference Paper
2012Applications for MBS-FEM coupling with MpCCI using automotive simulation as example
Bayrasy, P.; Burger, M.; Dehning, C.; Kalmykov, I.; Speckert, M.
Conference Paper
2011Invariant input loads for full vehicle multibody system simulation
Burger, M.; Dreßler, K.; Speckert, M.
2011Optimal Control of Dynamical Systems: Calculating Input Data for Multibody System Simulation
Burger, M.
2010Optimal control methods for the calculation of invariant excitation signals for multibody systems
Burger, M.; Speckert, M.; Dreßler, K.
2010Optimal control of multibody systems for the calculation of invariant input loads
Burger, M.; Speckert, M.; Dreßler, K.
Conference Paper
2010Real-time simulation of multibody-systems for on-board applications
Engelhardt, L.; Burger, M.; Bitsch, G.
2009Calculating invariant loads for system simulation in vehicle engineering
Burger, M.; Dreßler, K.; Marquardt, A.; Speckert, M.
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